It was about the match-up of McGregor vs Diaz and not about any title

By Owen Phillips     8/3/16     Views

McGregor vs Diaz UFC 196

UFC 196 staredown. Photo: Jeff Sherwood/

Without a title on the line it was just about the fight- McGregor vs Diaz.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz at welterweight meant nothing in terms of a title but was as an intriguing pairing as you could get. The featherweight champion against a top five lightweight. Who will be the better martial artist; the better man.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) reported an attendance at UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz of 14,898 and a live gate of US$8.1 million. This indicated amazing success at the box office.

It is clear that Conor McGregor is a star but he still needs a dance partner to make him shine his brightest. Nate Diaz was the perfect opposition to McGregor’s character. Someone who made McGregor work a bit harder for verbal arrows, due to Diaz having plenty of his own to throw.

A few days after Rafael Dos Anjos pulled out of the UFC lightweight title bout with McGregor he was almost forgotten. He is the lightweight champion but he wasn’t going to be the preferred opponent when compared to Diaz. The belt isn’t on the line anymore but who cares; Nate Diaz is fighting Conor McGregor!!

Diaz said McGregor had been fighting “midgets” and he (Diaz) had been fighting grown men all his life. McGregor said he would have the speed advantage. The fight played out similar to how they predicted.

McGregor was out of the blocks quickly, was precise with his punches and made a mess of Diaz’ face without putting him away. Diaz got in rhythm in the second round and hurt McGregor with powerful punches then grappled his way to a submission when McGregor attempted a desperate takedown.

What a great fight! The featherweight champion fighting up 25 pounds (11.3kg) against a popular lightweight contender who took the fight on short notice. McGregor vs Diaz was an absolute spectacle as expected.

With or without belts, all people want to see is a great fight between entertainers. The belts signal the top of the division but don’t always give the promise of a memorable battle. Matching up exciting, elite talent from different divisions is a great way to create a special experience for the fans and I am hoping it isn’t the last time we see a McGregor vs Diaz style fight put together.