New Fan Old Fan: UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division title picture

By Owen Phillips and Carolina

Miesha Tate UFC 200

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In the first edition of New Fan Old Fan, long-time hard-core fan and MMA Files lead writer Owen Phillips discusses the UFC women’s bantamweight division title picture with recently interested casual MMA fan Carolina. They discuss Miesha Tate as the champion and her upcoming fight with Amanda Nunes at UFC 200, plus Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.

Owen: It’s pretty interesting in the UFC women’s bantamweight division at the moment. After Holly Holm finished Ronda Rousey with that beautiful head kick and then lost the belt in her next fight to long-time Rousey rival Miesha Tate, anything could happen for the rest of the year. Holm took that fight with Tate to stay busy, rather than wait for a potential highly-paid rematch with Rousey.

Miesha Tate is now the champion and is fighting Brazilian Amanda Nunes. It should be a good fight. What are your thoughts?

Carolina: I think that Miesha Tate was lucky to win the belt and became the champion. She is not better than Holm. Being the champion means more than have a good skills on the floor, first you have to learn how to be humble. Anyway, in my opinion Tate was afraid to have a rematch against Holm because Miesha and her team knows the truth, Holm and Rousey can beat her easily so it’s good to pick a fight with someone they think have less chances.

Good on Amanda Nunes to have the opportunity to fight for the belt. One part of me wants Nunes win to show Tate how ephemeral the victory can be when you are not humble enough.

Owen: Meisha Tate definitely rolled the dice and got the win when she was up against the wall facing another title fight loss. It is fair to say she is not better than Holm. She was going to lose that decision. Then she got that takedown and submitted Holm in shocking fashion. Shocking in that Holm had no defence to Tate’s ground game.

Holm was a great champion and she is very humble. The amount of people that turned out for her victory parade in Albuquerque was incredible. That shows how much love there is for her. She will be back and certainly can be the champion again.

I’m really happy for Amanda Nunes and have been a fan of hers for a while. She has a good chance but it will tough against Tate. So Tate really is warming the seat until Rousey or Holm gets back. I’m not sure Tate had any choice but to fight Nunes. She knows she will never fight Ronda Rousey again if she is not the champion.

Why put that opportunity at risk by taking a rematch with Holly Holm? Rousey won’t be ready for a bit and Tate gets to fight on the UFC 200 event. Why do you think Meisha Tate is not humble? Ronda Rousey has stated for a while that she thinks Tate fakes her personality. - Save time and money!

Carolina: Look, I know fans sometimes can be tough, the criticism is unavoidable when athletes become famous and I guess it’s difficult to manage and make the spectators and passionate fans happy. I don’t like be a hater. I know people behind the social media can be so destructive with the comments.

I personally believe fanaticism is not good, any extreme in life is not good, but sometimes it is hard to not compare the charisma that different fighters have. I’m not saying that she is bad fighter I’m saying she is not humble enough.

Owen: She is certainly a fantastic fighter. Recent comments from Tate comparing herself with Ronda Rousey at this point in time have concerned me. She said that she was at the top of her game and Rousey was at the lowest point of her career with doubt surrounding whether her heart was still in it to compete at the highest level.

This is her point of view but the thing that bothers me is she feels this is a great time to fight Ronda Rousey. She doesn’t want the best version of Rousey, she wants the worst version of Rousey. This is uncommon to hear from high-level fighters. Most would rather pass than have an opponent face them who hasn’t had the best camp of their lives and isn’t at the peak of their powers so the win is even more special.

Beating the best at their best is something no-one can take away from someone. Regardless of Miesha Tate’s opinion on Ronda Rousey, I cannot wait to see Tate face Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 to see if she can make her dream meeting a reality. Nunes won’t be a pushover and this will be one of the many sensational encounters in the UFC’s showpiece event for the year.

Carolina: I am new to the MMA world but what I have to say is that Tate is a great fighter but of course she wants to fight Ronda now because she knows she can’t beat Ronda when she is at her best. She chose to fight Amanda Nunes instead of taking a rematch with Holly Holm.

Tate picked Nunes because it is an easier fight. UFC 200 is a big deal and she wants to keep the belt and not disappoint at such a big event. Everyone will remember UFC 200. I am looking forward to see what happens on that day.


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