Whatever your opinion of ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, you want to watch him

By Owen Phillips     28/10/16     Views

Platinum Mike Perry UFC 202 Hyun Gyu Lim

Mike Perry (right) at the weigh-ins for his UFC debut against Hyun Gyu Lim (left). Photo: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

‘Platinum’ Mike Perry has drawn his share of criticism since entering the UFC but his performances have been nothing short of sensational and he is attracting attention.

Mike Perry has had two fights in the UFC and has created more buzz than most fighters. His fighting style is one reason as he has finished both of his opponents by knockout. The other reason is people are perplexed by his personality. It brings out strong feelings in people. Whether it is the way he acts or the company he keeps, it has people taking notice.

I like watching Mike Perry fight. His style in the cage is similar to John Lineker. An incredibly hard head and equally impressive hands.

If he is perceived to be distasteful outside of the cage people will comment and want to watch what he does in the cage. He proves he is worthy of watching. If he keeps on putting on great fights he will become a star in MMA.

People don’t have to like you to take interest in you. Mike Perry is being himself and if that is walking the line of good taste then so be it.




Perry (9-0) has won all of his fights in his professional MMA career by knockout. His next opponent in the welterweight division is Alan Jouban (14-4) who will be willing to throw down to see who is the better man. It really is the perfect fight to showcase what ‘Platinum’ is all about. Jouban has an excellent Muay Thai attack against the well-rounded skills of Perry who prefers to box.

Someone is getting knocked out. 

It has proven to be very difficult to finish Perry and more than likely his opponent will suffer this fate.

I cannot wait for Mike Perry to do his thing again opposite Alan Jouban at UFC on FOX 22 which takes place in Sacramento, California, USA on 17th December. Perry is one of the ‘must watch’ fighters currently competing in MMA today whether you like him or not.

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